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Garibaldi, Cavour, Mazzini

The Risorgimento period

This route is suitable for students and for those who

love the history of the Risorgimento.

Turin was the first capital of unified Italy, until 1865,

when it was decided to invest the city of Florence of that role.

The 1821 started from here: every place testifies acts and events:

monuments, roads and streets speak of history.

The historical coffees welcomed the right-wing meetings, or the young revolutionaries,

ready to fight for rights and freedoms.

Via Po, the University, the Mole Antonelliana, the Gobetti theater,

Piazza Vittorio, Theatre of Angennes, historical Via Po coffees, Piazza Carignano

and First Parliament, Piazza San Carlo and the protest movements

against the moving of the capital to Florence,

Piazza Castello, Palazzo Madama, the first seat of the Subalpine Senate,

the Loggia di Carlo Alberto. 

A dive into the Italian History.


Duration: 2 hours

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