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"Not only Turin"

Asti and Monferrato

Asti is famous for the Palio, a key event in the tourist season in the city, similar to that of Siena.

The historical center is remarkable and not only invites to stroll through the old streets, but also to enter in the museums of the city, among all, Palazzo Mazzetti and the Art Gallery, the Crypt and the Sant'Anastasio museum, the complex

San Pietro in Consavia.

Combined to Asti tour we propose a visit, and – believe me – it’s worth it, to the Abbey of Santa Maria di Vezzolano, about 40 minutes away,

Romanesque jewel of exceptional value.

Of course, among paintings and art, you put a stop to the cellar where wine tastings and purchases fill, gladly and with pleasure, the day.



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