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cioccolatini e cioccolata

Chocolate and historical coffee houses

Turin, you know, is the capital of chocolate.

This walk provides a path that will lead us to know the best chocolate shops in the city:

we will depart from Piazza Carlo Felice and, telling history and art,

we'll arrive in Piazza Castello, where the Cafeteria Baratti & Milano and Mulassano

delights sight and rejoices the palates.

We'll move on Via Po, telling the story of Caffè Florio and of Ancient Abrate pastry.


If the chocolate, that in the meantime we will certainly have enjoyed,

gives us the right energy, we will "lengthen" the visit to the little square of the Consolata Church,

to finish in front of the eighteenth-century coffe "Al Bicerin" our walk.

Duration: 2 hours

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