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Porta Palatina and Giulio Cesare

The roman city of Turin

A route that unfolds in history and begins since the founding of the city

of Augusta Taurinorum, around 25 B.C.
The city has, from the beginning,

a strategic role for its location as a transit pass.
The remains that are still present in the archaeological zone tell that period.
The route starts from the ancient Roman Gate,

close the remains of the ancient Roman Theatre.

It then follows the quadrilateral and the walls,

reaching the corner tower in Via della Consolata.
A brief “historical digression” will inevitably force us to divert and enter

into a baroque jewel that is the Church of the Consolata.
The route continues along the Decumano, the current Via Garibaldi.
A useful route for those who love history and the typical

orthogonal urbanism of Roman settlements.
A very useful  walking-tour to guys who study this period of history

Duration: 2 hours

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