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Alba San Lorenzo

"Not only Turin"
Alba Langhe wine and truffles

A day dedicated to one of the most beautiful, rich and tasty Italian countryside.
The combination of art, history, richness, scenery, food and quality wine is unique.

The old town of Alba is buzzing, shops and pastry shops of yesteryear accompany the walking path.

 From Roman Alba to the Dome, the extreme wealth with inlaid wooden choir, a baptismal font of the first period of Christianity.
Decorations of facades in terracotta, housing echoing medieval houses, the old convent and church of San Domenico, but above all .... Wines and truffles.
In fact, at your choice and with various and to be agreed itineraries, we can offer tailored tours in the cellars and castles of the Langhe.

Price, duration and organization to be agreed directly.
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